The Tubman Scholar Scholarship

“I believe that we each carry an individual obligation to repair the injustices in our society— a concept in the Jewish faith known as ‘Tikkun Olam.’ Unfortunately, in our nation, injustice abounds. For example, the effects of different levels of racism have created many barriers for Black men and women to enter nursing. As a result, our nursing workforce and leadership do not appropriately reflect the communities that we serve. As the first person of color to be President of the Pennsylvania State Nursing Association, I believed it was time to create The Tubman Scholars Endowment Fund. This endowment helps to address a significant barrier for Black students with financial need to attain a nursing education— educational cost. Join me in helping to support this wonderful program that will help our nursing workforce better reflect our community and strengthen our noble profession!”

Quote given to NFP
Tarik Kahn
On 12/23/2021

General Information

The Tubman Scholar Scholarship Fund provides a scholarship for a Black student applying or already enrolled in a school of nursing.

All info regarding NFP scholarships can be found at under the “Scholarships” tab.

Questions may be directed to Paula Lasecki (, 717-827-4369.

All scholarship application forms, essays and letters of reference will be maintained in a private and confidential manner.


  1. The applicant must be accepted or already attending an LPN nursing program or a RN-BSN program.
  2. The applicant must be African American and reside in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  3. Applicants who are currently students enrolled in nursing prelicensure programs are highly encouraged to be a member of the Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP) and/or the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA). Applicants who are RNs are required to become a member of the Pennsylvania State Nurses Association (PSNA).
  4. Students need to attest to their financial need.
  5. Previous recipients of this scholarship are not eligible to apply.

How to Apply

Applications must be accompanied by:

  • An official transcript of most recent grades (Fall Semester);Include current course of enrollment on official letterhead
  • Two letters of reference on official letterhead, with at least one being an academic contact (letters should describe the applicant’s scholastic abilities, leadership qualities, and community service)
  • Completed essays
  • Submit a high-resolution (minimum 300 dpi – JPEG format) professional headshot for publicity use by PSNA/NFP
    (NOTE: selfies or phone camera photos are not acceptable)

The application can only be submitted via the website (application form below).

The application deadline is March 30th every year.

Post Award Requirements

  1. Recipients must send a thank you note to the NFP board of trustees (c/o NFP for NFP promotional purposes) within one month after the award.
  2. Scholarship recipients are asked to express their gratitude through one or more of the following means to advance the nursing profession:
    1. Volunteering their service to NFP
    2. Contributing to the NFP’s vision (To Ensure Nurses for Tomorrow),
    3. Making an unrestricted financial gift to NFP and/or otherwise ensuring the perpetuity of NFP.
  3. Upon graduation, provide NFP with the year of your graduation and your updated contact information. This will be used by NFP when sending invitations and information.



Apply For Scholarship

All scholarship application forms, essays, and letters of reference will be maintained in a private and confidential manner.

Applications are now closed.