Nursing Foundation of Pennsylvania

Give the gift of education.

Gifts by friends of the nursing profession impact many lives in Pennsylvania. Donations assist future nurses achieve their professional dreams. In turn, they are able to provide high-quality patient care.

Through your gift today, NFP can continue to meet our mission to ensure nurses for tomorrow.

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Seal of Excellence

NFP is a recipient of the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations’ (PANO) Seal of Excellence for successfully completing their rigorous Standards for Excellence® accreditation program. The Standards for Excellence offers tools and resources to empower nonprofits to meet the highest standards of governance, management and operations.

From the President

NFP presents an opportunity for you to give back to our respected profession. Most of us have experienced nursing care or will experience nursing care for ourselves or our loved ones. NFP scholarships enable recipients to focus on their learning so that they gain the most value from their rigorous education. This a time for those who have benefited from highly qualified nurses to step up and invest in the profession. A highly educated nursing workforce fosters high standards of professional nursing practice.

Our Goal

NFP’s goal is to advance the educational and professional standards of nursing and the nursing profession by distributing scholarships for study, instruction, research, and scholarly pursuits in nursing to become future nurses, leaders, and educators.

Our Vision

To be the premier charitable organization for nurses in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Our Mission

To ensure nurses for tomorrow.

Our Beliefs

Nurses are pillars in our communities, viewed as the most trusted profession in our nation. Having an adequate number of nurses improves the quality of life and patient care. We believe qualified nursing students should have the financial and career resources to complete their education successfully. We look to experienced nurses to generate new knowledge through research. Those entrusted with nursing care have the right to expect qualified, caring professional nurses who uphold a strong code of ethics and responsibility.

The Nursing Foundation of Pennsylvania (NFP) is a 501(c) 3, Type II, Supporting Organization, under the broad umbrella of community benefit organizations in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, NFP provides charitable support to Pennsylvania State Nurses Association (PSNA).


NFP follows the PANO Standards for Excellence Code of Conduct since February 2015.
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