Albert Einstein Medical Center Nursing School of Philadelphia, Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment

Stories from the donors that have helped transform The Nursing Foundation of Pennsylvania. 

Albert Einstein Scholarship

In 2013, the Alumni Association Scholarship Fund of the former Albert Einstein Medical Center Nursing School was established. This fund annually provides nursing students scholarships. This fund provides aid to students demonstrating financial need in the pursuit of a nursing degree, whether baccalaureate, graduate, or post-graduate

The Albert Einstein Medical Center of Philadelphia has played a key role in providing healthcare since its beginnings in 1953. The Alumni Association-established the same year as the school- has continued to grow after the 1987 close of the nursing school. Furthermore, the Alumni Association continues to contribute to Pennsylvania’s nursing community through preserving the history of nursing at the Albert Einstein Medical Center and providing financial aid to nurses through scholarships.

Recipients of this scholarship clearly demonstrate the values that embodied the hardworking nurses at Albert Einstein Medical Center. Student recipients illustrate good academic standing, leadership, and a strong involvement in the community. Additionally, each year a high school student is chosen to help pay for an undergraduate education in nursing.

NFP is proud to distribute this scholarship gift on behalf of the Alumni Association of the former Albert Einstein Medical Center Nursing School.