Tubman Scholar Scholarship Endowment

Stories from the donors that have helped transform The Nursing Foundation of Pennsylvania. 

About the Endowment

“I believe that we each carry an individual obligation to repair the injustices in our society— a concept in the Jewish faith known as ‘Tikkun Olam.’ Unfortunately, in our nation, injustice abounds. For example, the effects of different levels of racism have created many barriers for Black men and women to enter nursing. As a result, our nursing workforce and leadership do not appropriately reflect the communities that we serve. As the first person of color to be President of the Pennsylvania State Nursing Association, I believed it was time to create The Tubman Scholars Endowment Fund. This endowment helps to address a significant barrier for Black students with financial need to attain a nursing education— educational cost. Join me in helping to support this wonderful program that will help our nursing workforce better reflect our community and strengthen our noble profession!”

Quote given to NFP
Tarik Kahn